ClearShare combines the power of Nextcloud, Sia, and ClearOS into a fully integrated and easy to use distributed storage network.

ClearSHARE provides a unique way to expand your storage capacity or get paid to share your unused hard disk space through an encrypted, distributed, redundant and global storage network. ClearSHARE is based on the Sia platform - a fully open source Blockchain-based foundation that offers impressive cost savings compared to Amazon, Google and other public cloud storage product. ClearSHARE is the first product to integrate ClearOS, Sia and Nextcloud providing a truly innovative solution for your storage needs!
Public Blockchain
Private Blockchain

A ready to use and fully integrated flexible storage platform out of the box


Hybrid IT can be complex with a mix of on-premises and off-premises needs. ClearOS was created to solve these challenges by integrating Cloud, Server, Network and Gateway layers into one system.



Just as with your smartphone's App Store, you can quickly deploy any IT or Blockchain-related features you need via apps in your ClearOS system through the easy-to-use ClearOS Marketplace. The ClearOS Marketplace offers more than 100 apps and Dapps for Security, Storage, Cloud, Local, and Hybrid roles.



Give storage to get storage and even make money renting out your unused hard disk capacity. ClearSHARE gives you the option to offer up your excess storage to the broader community and earn free CLEAR Tokens!

Compliant by design

ClearSHARE is designed with compliance in mind, providing extensive data policy enforcement, encryption, user management and auditing capabilities.

ClearSHARE Monthly Storage Calculator

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Service Provider Annual Cost Monthly
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Private Distributed Multi Region
Amazon S3
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